PHP Hotlink Protection for Download Links

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PHP Hotlink Protection for Download Links
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Link Guard is a PHP Script that allows you to hide actual location of your download files by converting it into an encrypted url based on user’s IP address.

  1. This system can be used in various ways in your projects or content management systems running downloading based websites.
  2. To prevent Hot linking
  3. To hide actual location of download files hosted on your server or some remote server


  • Easy Integration to your project.
  • Can be used to stream videos with encrypted URL
  • No knowledge of PHP, jQuery Reqired
  • IP Based URL encryption
  • Admin Panel included
  • Easiest Installation
  • 100% Support

Versions Rewritten of scriptBetter encryptionImproved designPerformance Improved. 1.1Performance Improved. V1.0 Release version. 

Live Demo

Admin Panel

Link Guard Admin Panel

Delete link, Change password disabled in demo

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