Rocketeer – Viral Media Lists, Polls, Quizzes, News, and Videos

Rocketeer – Viral Media Lists, Polls, Quizzes, News, and Videos Created by JaskoKoyn. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Looking for the WordPress version? Banzai is the official WordPress theme. Check it .

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Rocketeer - Viral Media Lists, Polls, Quizzes, News, and Videos
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  • Laravel: Laravel
  • Php 5.5, php 5.6, mysql 5.x: PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.x
  • Ie9, ie10, ie11, firefox, safari, opera, chrome, edge: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
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WordPress Version

Looking for the WordPress version? Banzai is the official WordPress theme. Check it now!.


Rocketeer is an all-in-one premium Viral Media script. You can create polls, quizzes, news, upload images, create memes, and submit videos. Viral media sites have gained popularity recently and it’s still growing today! Rocketeer will have you running your own viral site in minutes. Build a site just like BuzzFeed!


  • Create News, Lists, Polls, Images, Quizzes, Videos and Memes. – You can have preapproval turned on or only have certain users have preapproval.
  • 2 Types of Quizzes – Trivia & Personality Quizzes. Challenge your users with fun quizzes and allow them to share their results on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Polls can have unlimited questions. – A single poll can have multiple questions for topics that have relevancy!
  • Animations (Optional) – Polls & Lists come with animations for certain styles. There are over 15 animations available! All Optional of course.
  • User Management – Manage user accounts from the admin dashboard. You can make certain users moderators whom can approve media items.
  • Custom Home Page – The Home page can have single, two or three columns! You can also control how many posts are displayed on a single page load.
  • Flexible Comment System – Enable/Disable 3 of the supported discussion platforms which are the built-in solution, Facebook & Disqus. Enable all 3 and have the option of deciding which is the main system.
  • Custom Slideshow – The slideshow is custom built! Feature certain posts by adding them into the slideshow!
  • Trending Ribbon Bar – The trending ribbon bar will show what posts are hot!. Mobile and touch ready!
  • All Content supports posts from Vine, Vimeo, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Quote, and Images.
  • Topics – Categorize your posts and have a page for each topic! Topics can also have custom colors for better distinction.
  • Universal Search Bar – Users can now search through your site’s content with the search bar located at the top of every page!
  • Social Media Integration – Users can share your content on Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus
  • Social Media Login – Along with the old fashion way of signing up with an email and password, users also have the option of signing up with their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter & Google+
  • Quiz Results Shared – Visitors will be able to share the results they got on a quiz! Users are more likely to continue using your site if they can share their results with friends!
  • Advertisement Ready – There are 4 ad spots made available by default. The header, footer sidebar and you can even have ads placed between each list item.
  • SEO URL Friendly – Enjoy dynamic and clean URLs with Laravel’s Router. All URLs are generated for readable URL for SEO and navigation.
  • Easy to use Interface Navigating and enjoying media is easy. It’s also easy to create content with this simple interface.
  • Drag & Drop Uploader – No need to click the upload file one at a time again. You can drag and drop images to use for media content.
  • 100% Responsive – It’s absolutely important that your content is viewed on Mobile Devices. Did you know Google ranks sites higher if your site is mobile friendly? Rocketeer is built with Bootstrap to assure 100% responsiveness across all devices.
  • Admin Dashboard – Very powerful and flexible admin dashboard. Manage your site with ease and view basic statistics of how your site is performing.
  • Point System – Award users for submitting and liking content. Gamification makes your site more exciting and makes users want to come back for more.
  • Custom Profiles – Beautiful profiles for users. You can add social media content and upload custom images for their profile.
  • Spam protection – You can force users to confirm their email. Rocketeer also supports ReCaptcha to prevent spam!
  • Watermark Support – Prevent images from being stolen with an optional watermark.
  • Custom Meme – Comes with 10+ memes. You can even allow users to upload their memes for the ultimate meme site.
  • Built with Laravel 5.2 – Rocketeer is powered by the most popular and powerful PHP framework on the web. Built with today’s web standards and security.
  • Sidebar Widget Creator – Customize your site even further by using our easy to use widget builder. Add any HTML content you’d like or use a pre-built widget that handles all the code for you!
  • Blazingly Fast – All images, scripts, and stylesheets are automatically cached AND GZipped To allow for the fastest page download times.
  • Multiple Languages with Language switcher – You can now widen your site’s audience by translating Rocketeer into multiple languages. It’s very easy to do! Language switcher available in the header, footer, both or neither! Completely up to YOU!
  • Infinite Pagination (Optional) – By enabling infinite pagination, you make your site 2x User friendly.
  • Sitemap Generator – Rocketeer will automatically generate a sitemap for you Updated every 6 hours for freshness and to save CPU usage.
  • Google Analytics Integration – Monitor your site’s traffic with the help of Google. Easy to add your analytics code through the admin dashboard.
  • NSFW Content Allowed – Users can mark their submissions as NSFW to make your site safer to browse. Upload a NSFW image with your own!
  • Amazon S3 – Save bandwidth by storing uploaded files on Amazon S3.
  • MailChimp Integration – If you have a mailchimp list, then you can have users sign up to your list. Retain more visitors by curating a newsletter!
  • Export E-mails – Emails can now be exported in CSV format to be used in other programs.
  • Built-in Contact Form – Have your users contact you by using the built-in contact form. Very easy to use and implement.
  • Direct Links – Add direct links into the navbar.
  • Explanations for Trivia Quizzes (Optional) – Whether a user is right or wrong you can expand upon the answer by providing an explanation upon answering the question.
  • Embed Quizzes & Polls – Embed your posts onto other sites with iFrames. Certain features are limited in embeds. (Completely optional, Can be disabled)
  • Badge System – Award users for constantly using your site by awarding them badges. The badge system is automated so you can award a user after reaching a certain point threshold.
  • Trivia Quizzes can display the correct answer or not.
  • Use any Google Font – Google provides over 600 different fonts. You can use any that you’d like.
  • Custom Share Image Generator – Generate special images just for sharing on social media.
  • Autoscrolling (Optional) – Force users to automatically scroll to the next question in a quiz or poll.

Demo Login

Username: demo
Password: demo

Check out the Roadmap!

Rocketeer is built to be flexible and user friendly. Updates are uploaded every month! If you’re curious to see what’s coming next, then you should check the Official Rocketeer Trello Roadmap. If you have suggestions or ideas, then let me know in the comments! My goal is to provide the BEST viral media script on the web.


  • PHP >= 5.5.9
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • Apache Module Rewrite Enabled
  • GZip Compression Installed
  • Allow_url_fopen enabled
  • php.ini access

Change log

Version 6

  • Creating Memes has been fixed.
  • Trivia quizzes now have the option of displaying the correct answer or not.
  • VueJS now supports more UTF8 Characters.
  • The anchor link tag now supports the target attribute.
  • You can now use any of the 600+ available Google fonts.
  • Users will now be awarded points for completing polls & quizzes.
  • Users will now receive notifications for various activities.
  • Rocketeer will now generate a custom sharing image for social media sites. (Optional)
  • Buzzfeed & Playbuzz like styles have been added.
  • Quizzes & Polls will now autoscroll to the next question. (Optional with a timer)
  • Slideshow has been redesigned.
  • Trivia Quiz scrolling has been fixed.
  • Moderator issues fixed.
  • Folders will now be converted to the ASCII character set.
  • Brand new Documentation!!!
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 5

  • Fixed category widget displaying approved posts.
  • Users can now subscribe to your newsletter with Mailchimp.
  • A new widget has been added called Newsletter which will provide a form for users to subscribe to your mailchimp list.
  • E-mails can now be exported as a CSV.
  • Contact forms have been added to pages.
  • You can now add direct links in the top navbar.
  • Explanations have been added to Trivia Quizzes. (Optional)
  • Deleting a media item will now automatically delete it from a slideshow as well.
  • Quzizes & Polls can now be embedded. This feature can be turned off.
  • A very basic badge system has been added. Award users for being active on your site.
  • Quizzes, Polls and Lists have been improved for editing and creation.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version 4.2

  • Fixed Links to search images
  • Amazon S3 is now supported. You can now host images on your CDN.
  • Polls & Quizzes now have an option to divide the answers into columns.
  • You can now set it so users have to be logged in to vote in polls.
  • A popup will open once a quiz is finished displaying result. Quiz result image is shared on social media.
  • Moment.js is completely removed. Carbon fully utilized.
  • Social login fix.
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 4.1

  • Fixed link to user profile in media header
  • Images Optimized for Sharing
  • Upgrade to Laravel 5.2
  • You can now disable/enable Cache (Apache Only)
  • Search bar now added to mobile navigation
  • Friendlier 404 page and error logging changed to daily
  • Deleting a user will transfer all their posts over to you
  • Articles have been renamed to News
  • External scripts/styles will now load both from HTTPS or HTTP
  • Quizzes now have animations
  • Language Switcher available. Configurable to appear in header, footer, both, or neither
  • JS files now Minified for optimized delivery
  • Fixed Next & Previous media items to look better on Mobile devices
  • Bootstrap Adjustments. Overriding default styles to match the site.
  • Infinite Pagination can now be disabled/enabled
  • Carbon Localized for translations
  • XML Sitemap Generator is now available
  • Small Bug Fixes and Performance Improved

Version 4

  • Framework changed from AngularJS to Laravel/VueJS
  • Universal Search Added
  • Date Added to the top menu bar
  • Improved Slider for home page and categories page
  • Individial category page added
  • 3 Different home page column layout designs available
  • Polls can now have multiple questions
  • All content now supports Vine, Vimeo, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Quote, Images
  • Polls now have transition animations (optional)
  • Meme Creation improved
  • Sharing content will now share a larger image size for better visibility
  • Trending Bar Added
  • User Profiles Updated
  • Admin Design Updated
  • Twitter and Google+ login added
  • Mobile Experience Improved
  • Disqus + System Commenting added
  • Animation added for lists
  • Related Media added under individual posts
  • Add Custom CSS
  • User Follow System added
  • Infinite Pagination Improved
  • Minor Bug Fixes & Performance Improved

Version 3

  • Bug Fixes & Performance Improvement
  • All Libraries upgraded to their recent stable versions
  • Users can now share their poll votes & quiz results.
  • Multiple Images can be added for polls & articles.
  • Users can now be promoted to moderator with admin access.
  • Vine & Vimeo links now supported!
  • NEW! Lists are now a new media type. There are 7 styles for lists available.
  • The name of the category is displayed under the thumbnail instead of their media type.
  • Categories can now have custom colors.
  • Soundcloud Support added for Lists
  • Profile page design updated and improved.
  • Lists now support quotes with quote source.
  • Advertisements can now be placed inbetween list items randomly or at certain points.
  • Google Analytics now supported!
  • Autoapproval for certain users even if preapproval is turned off.
  • Recaptcha support added!
  • Optional Confirmation E-mail sent when users register.
  • Forgot Password added!
  • Meme thumbnails now have text added.
  • Watermark Support for all uploaded images.
  • Users can now upload their own images for memes.
  • Media items can now be set to NSFW with a NSFW image added to notify users.
  • Custom Favicon
  • Admin fully converted to AngularJS and updated design
  • Optional e-mail sent when a media item is approved.

Version 2.1

  • Quizzes can now have randomized questions and answers.
  • Trivia quizzes now have a timer (optional)
  • Retake button added
  • You no longer need to use share.php to share files. You can now directly share URLs. share.php is kept for legacy cases.
  • Angular Updated to the latest 1.x version.

Version 2.0

  • There is now a dynamic title for the browser!
  • Better error logging for all media creation items!
  • Brand new design!
  • Bug fixes for sharing
  • Improved performance.
  • 2 new sidebar widgets from trending items to top users.
  • Leaderboard added!
  • There is now a trending option for each media item.
  • The editor has been updated to allow for more media items.
  • Performance enhancement.
  • You can now create custom pages!

Version 1.3

  • Fixes with Displaying quotes in quizzes fixed.
  • Front End is completely translateable.
  • Bug Fixes with Sharing.

Version 1.2

  • Performance Upgrade & Bug Fixes
  • Users can now embed flash media into posts
  • Better error reporting when creating polls/quizzes
  • Redesign of admin dashboard
  • Cyrllic & Diacritical marks converted to be URL friendly.

Version 1.1

  • Added Facebook Login
  • Ability to create articles
  • Improved Performance
  • Minor Bug Fixes

Version 1.0

  • Rocketeer Launches.