STL Volume Weight Calculator

STL Volume Weight Calculator Created by pushkarparanjpe. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Attention! Looking for an integrated, hosted solution ? Checkout our all-in-one 3D .

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STL Volume Weight Calculator
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Attention! Looking for an integrated, hosted solution ? Checkout our all-in-one 3D API

Surely, you want to quote the price of that Thing !

STL Volume Weight Calculator

In two lines:
Vital stats for 3D printing objects. Quickly estimate the cost of printing your 3D object!

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What is STL ?

STL is a file format that is popularly used for representing 3D object information for 3D printing applications.

class STLStats

STL file format specifies geometry of the 3D object to be printed. STLStats class does the hard work of detecting the format, parsing the data and crunching numbers to give you – volume of the 3D object.

Price Quoting in a Nutshell

From the 3D volume and material density value the class can calculate the weight of the to-be-printed object.

All the math is wrapped inside this easy to use PHP class. It exposes getter functions (i.e. getVolume, getWeight, etc) to calculate common statistics of a 3D object.

Simply include this class in your PHP project (example demo scripts are provided)

Via AJAX requests, upload your STL file to your server and feed that to STLStats to get 3D volume/weight information beamed to your browser asynchronously.

Multiply the weight by your printing rate ($/gm) to come up with a basic price quote!

Watch that heap of green grow as you quote and fulfil 3D printing jobs

The PHP code has been commented extensively. Example usage has been given at the end of the class (please comment it out during production use ). Documentation is also provided along with example snippets of intended usage.

Happy coding !

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