Ultimate PHP Site Backup v2.3

Ultimate PHP Site Backup v2.3 Created by TheDesignerGuy. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: New in v2.3 in September 2015 – I’ve now fixed issues with PHP5.3 and above! And I will now start to provide limited support and updates for this .

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Ultimate PHP Site Backup v2.3
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New in v2.3 in September 2015 – I’ve now fixed issues with PHP5.3 and above! And I will now start to provide limited support and updates for this product.

For website owners to backup different sets of files and databases living on the same server.

The software itself is written in PHP, and runs on your web server. Simply upload it to your server, configure a set of files or (remote or local) MySQL databases which you need backed up, and set a button. UPSB will take care of the rest, saving those files to a zip, classifiying it by date, according to a custom schedule. You can specify different schedules for different sets of files/dbs. Backups can now be stored on remote FTP servers, or sent as email attachments. (new in v2.0)

New in v2.1: Multiple bug fixes and interface improvements


*Intuitive interface. Just select files and databases by clicking a few checkboxes. *Will not slow down your server’s normal operation, even while backing up thousands of files and sizable databases. (See Performance Testing in the FAQ)*Ability to create different backup sets. A “backup set” is a collection of files and databases, which are backed up according to a schedule. This is useful for shared hosting servers, where many different websites are running. You can specify some websites to be backed up hourly (eg. a busy blog), and some to backed up weekly (eg. a static client site).*Can upload backups to remote FTP servers, or send as email attachments (new in v2.0)*Can backup remote MySQL databases (new in v2.0)*Can be configured to run in the background (using cron jobs).*Well organized zips makes it easy to restore your files/databases in case of an emergency. Download a structured zip file, upload any files you lost, and use the structured backup .sql file to restore any parts of the database you wish.

Who would need this?

*Non-technical website owners needing a quick backup solution.*Freelance developers with lots of small/medium projects on a single server

Server requirements

  • PHP ZipArchive class (most hosts have this, or it can be easily enabled)
  • cURL (practically all hosts have this)
  • remote MySQL access (required for remote database backups)