My World – Multipurpose Geolocation Directory & Events PSD Template

My World – Multipurpose Geolocation Directory & Events PSD Template Created by MatArt. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: My has features such as Layered: Yes, Minimum Adobe CS Version: CC 2015 .

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My World – Multipurpose Geolocation Directory & Events PSD Template
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My world – design social network for traveller. Included 15 PSD files From $8.


The main idea of this service is the ability to choose the location for travel, or get acquainted with the place where you are heading.

It’s simple:

  • Select the country
  • Select a city
  • Get all the information about city, its places, job vacancies and news.

General concept the content display

On home page user sees just the list of popular destination countries, when clicking on the country’s name there is country’s information block moving from the right, when clicking on the “burger menu” there is showing main menu which contains all countries.

On the inside pages initially visible only part of the Content, and the menu is invoked when you click. On the left side of all pages there is a map which dynamically shows the elements referred to in the pages

List of cities

The list of cities displays popular cities in the selected country. On the left side there is a block with information about the country, the list of the largest cities and vacancies view button. Each page with the list of information provides a unique filter.

City page

City page shows all the events, news, places and vacancies in this city. There is some information about the city shown by the icons. Hovering on them appears the parameter description. The page also contains information about the population and feedback from people who have already visited the city. For those who are going to the city first time there is a block with information about excursions.

The page of the place

And more pages

I was drawn a lot of pages and with your purchase you will get 15 PSD files contain all the pages and modal windows.

General features

  • The ability to make an affiliate system with Uber taxi
  • Affiliate system with booking airline tickets
  • Reservation of places in institutions
  • Integration with PayPal
  • Widget instagram
  • Closely with Google maps api
  • countries catalog
  • Directory of cities in the country
  • Directory of places
  • Product Tour
  • catalog of vacancies
  • Product developments
  • News (blog)
  • user comments
  • user Lists
  • user
  • Page with information about the city
  • Chat with
  • Traced all the popup window
  • Coupons and Discounts
  • Possibilities of monetization service
  • likes system

File features

  • Create with adobe photoshop cc 2015
  • All layers
  • Grouping layers
  • All elements in shapes
  • Icons with Font Awesome