Fatafo – Creative Portfolio Html Template

Fatafo – Creative Portfolio Html Template Created by osumthemes. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Note: Images are not included in .

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Fatafo - Creative Portfolio Html Template
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Note: Images are not included in package

Fatafo is a versatile and modern theme for the people who want nothing but the best. This static responsive theme can be used if you are planning to create a budget friendly yet highly attractive, photo gallery and travel genre website. Fatafo offers an array of features to everyone such as:

Fatafo themes Included these pages:

  • 2 Homepage options
  • 2 About us options
  • 3 Contact us page options
  • 3 Blog Options
  • 2 Blog details page options
  • 2 Pricing Page Options
  • 3 Albums Style options
  • 2 Album’s Photo collection options
  • 1 Light-box
  • 1 Photo details page
  • 2 Coming Soon Page options
  • 1 404 Page

Sleek and Responsive Design

Fatafo has been created to support almost every platform there is today. With Fatafo, your website not only looks good, it also becomes very much accessible. The clean and efficient coding of this theme will definitely make your website to be in a league of its own.

Built on the Latest BootstrapPlatform

Fatafo has been designed on the latest Bootstrap 3.3.4 platform which means you won’t have to do the heavy lifting. It has robust, icons, fonts and layouts to let you choose from.You can edit and personalize Fatafo in any way you want because it’s really that much flexible.

Fully Customizable

Don’t just follow the herd, be the one to stand out and lead with Fatafo. It has flawless cross browser compatibility and based on the latest HTML and CSS trends, Fatafo is packed with several features and options that allow you to customize and personalize as much as you want.

Light as a Feather

With all the awe-inspiring and innovative features, Fatafo is still light as a feather. It has been designed with minimal and highly efficient code so it runs, loads and work smoothly on almost all of the platforms. Every aspect of Fatafo has been optimized so you can get the best out of the best.

SEO made Easy

Fatafo was designed with the vision of being a SEO friendly theme. Fatafo has clean, quick and efficient code, just the way the top search engines like. Fatafo is also compatible with top SEO plugins like Yoast and provides support to thousands of SEO friendly plugins.

Imprint Your Self

We made sure to give you the opportunity to imprint your vision on the world. Fatafo includes 2 separate demos for you to choose from so you can have the freedom to shape your galleries and portfolios as you desire. Both demos are highly customizable and trendy. Rest assured, your pictures would be worth more than a thousand words.

600+ Google Fonts

Yes, you read it right. Fatafo has support for 600+ latest and the most attractive Google fonts. On top of that, it has robust, icons and eye-catching layouts to let you choose from.We have made sure that you get the best there is, all in a single package.

High End Video File Support

Fatafo supports all the video formats so you can add as many videos to your site as you want. The user friendly interface of Fatafo guarantees the best viewing experience you can get.

Detailed Theme Documentation

We made Fatafo exquisite enough to be a masterpiece yet simple enough to be used by almost anyone. The extensive and thorough documentation included in the package equipped with notes and screenshots would enable you to do all the work by yourself without having the need to hire any professional.

User Friendly Comments Section

Fatafo has built in comment submission section. It’s designed with the vision of providing your visitors the utmost comfort and convenience. With Fatafo, we made sure that your viewers can comment and contact you whenever they want with ease.

Get Connected to the World

By choosing Fatafo, you get social media integration option out of the box. It has built in support for Google+. Facebook. Twitter and other major social media platforms. With Fatafo, you can reach out the world and start building your viewership from the get go.

Google Map Integration

Let the world know where you are. Fatafo has the Google map integration option so you can show your location easily on the built on Contact us page of the theme. A simple addition of the iFrame to the specific file and you are good to go.

Top Notch Customer Support

By getting Fatafo, you also get the top notch customer support from us. We are here to answer your every query and get you out of any tight spot whenever you need. Send us an email at support@osumthemes.com