Circle Flip – Responsive WordPress Multipurpose Theme

Circle Flip – Responsive WordPress Multipurpose Theme Created by creiden. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: Circle Flip V.3 provides a whole new Experience. It’ll enforce your brand through its consistent blocks and elements. Create your desired website in simple easy steps. Use our 1-click demo installation to import the site layout and then edit your images and .

You can use this Circle Flip – Responsive WordPress Multipurpose Theme on WordPress category for blog, builder, business, circleflip, corporate, creative, drag and drop, flat, forums, multipurpose, rtl and another uses.

Circle Flip - Responsive WordPress Multipurpose Theme
© Copyright by creiden


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Circle Flip V.3 provides a whole new Experience. It’ll enforce your brand through its consistent blocks and elements. Create your desired website in simple easy steps. Use our 1-click demo installation to import the site layout and then edit your images and content.

Theme Features

  • <1-click demo Installation
  • Boxed layout support (Try it in the live theme conifgurator)
  • Create your one-page site with a menu that navigates through it
  • Responsive Powerful Drag&Drop Page builder with over 30 Blocks.
  • 100% Fully responsive theme. (mobile ready)
  • 40 Layered PSDs for your customization.
  • Backup & Restore: Backup your settings and options. Restore them anytime you want!
  • Superb speed optimization!
  • Retina Ready elements.
  • Woo-Commerce Ready.
  • Advanced Theme Options: 100% control on your theme. Show/hide whatever you want. Display only the content you want your visitors to see.
  • WPML Ready.
  • BBpress Forum Ready.
  • Revolution Slider included. ($19 Worth)
  • Unique views counter for Posts.
  • Search Engine Optimized.
  • 8 Header Styles.
  • RTL Support.
  • Maintenance Mode.
  • Clean and Neat Design.
  • 4 Home page Sliders
    • Nivo Slider
    • Elastic Slider
    • Accordion Slider
    • Vertical Accordion Slider
  • Editable font, size and color for all elements, headings and text. Over 500 fonts are there.
  • Logo Builder.
  • Translatable Theme options Panel.
  • Unlimited Colors + 10 Ready Color Templates
  • Cross-Browsing Support (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer down to IE9)
  • 5 styled levels of threaded Comments.
  • Video Tutorials + Full Documentation for each section.
  • Resources

Updates:V3.3[Update] Saving unlimited number of blocks, no need for high max input vars[Update] Latest Version revolution slider[Update] Offers plugin update, to fix missing js file[Fix] map block places search autocompleteV3.2[Fix] 'Demo importer: Fixed the menu appearance issue. When a demo is imported, the menu wasn't selected by default.' [Fix] Page Builder -> Heading Block: Fixed titles style when there's more than 1 line. [Fix] Footer menu in the lower bar of the footer: Fixed the active menu item style.[Fix] Header Builder: Fixed toggle menu button color in responsive and toggle menu case[Fix] Shop Page - Responsive ( iPhone): Aline the the marked text to the left.[Fix] a bug in flickr jsV3.1.2[Fix] Colorpicker Issue in the page builder[Fix] Remove unneeded JS Files[Fix] https fonts solved[Fix] burger menu [Fix] remove relate posts in single if empty[Fix] Minor Fixes to Yoast Plugin[Fix] Fixing header builder menu togglebutton colorsV3.1:[Update] Yoast Integration with circleflip page builder[Update] Concatenating All CSS & JS Files to minimize number of requests, Code Cleanup & Removing unneeded files[Update] Header Builder Blocks can be overriden through child theme[Update] Circleflip is now WordPress 4.6 Compatible[Fix] MP4 in Pretty Photo[Fix] Bullets inside tabs[Fix] Adding one page menu click function to header builder that was missing in 2 header styles[Fix] Solve issue of rendering default content[Fix] Fixing menu height at  window width < 980px.[Fix] Fixing uber menu style in responsive.[Fix] PHP Warning removed[Fix] HTTPS Compatibility issues fixed[Fix] Add Google Fonts Compatibility in theme options[Fix] Static Map Block missing api keyV3.0:[update] Whole new demos importer, remove legacy demo importer[update] add compatibility of multilingual press plugin and adding mo and po files[update] removed all the saved templates for sake of new demo importer[fix] Validating css issues for better performance[fix] RTL Responsive[fix] Shop RTL Issues[fix] Fix the import of a block inside column and the column itself[fix] color picker duplication[fix] header builder reversing menu in small screens[fix] Add Theme Color to header-builder darkContent button bg color.[fix] Fixing page title float style in rtlV2.6 [Fix] Woocommerce Version 2.6.3 Compatible[Fix] Change Style.php to be loaded in the head which enhances the performance[Fix] Update Portfolio Plugin[Fix] Fixing forum ul bullets style[Fix] Woocommerce: Fixing single product's image zoom effect wasn't working in case of a single image without a gallery[Fix] Fix static google map[Fix] post block square layout2 get more posts[Fix]Portfolio Checkers odd/even with filtering[Fix] Fixing line-height to quotesV 2.5[Fix] Post block responsive: Fixing circle details elements were hidden in responsive.[Fix] Fix yoast issue with global $ Yoast Version 3.3[Fix] Fix a bug in header builder menu responsive[Fix] Fix a bug in maintenance mode plugin high resolution images[Fix] Fix shop search widget's icon in rtl[Fix] Fixing post hover in rtl[Fix] post block remove comments and views count in portfolio type selected[Fix] Fix Column Block Background awkward movement.[Fix] Add Margins to the shop description[Fix] Fix Recent posts widget theme option color[Fix] change counter block preview images[Fix] 3d slider cancel autoplay on small screens to remove the jumping behaviour[Fix] Remove Portfolio Option to maintain only the portfolio slug old option[Fix] Circle Flip Headers: removed gradient background from the menu button in responsive layout[Update] Added capability of adding link to the copyright section in the footer and html in the text fields in the themeoptionsV 2.4- Added functionality of Maintenance page inside the theme and remove the dependency on the plugin- Added feature of changing the url of the portfolio from the themeoptions- [Fix] Remove Zoom icon when there is no image in Circle PostsV 2.3- Feature: Add Social Icon open link in new tab- Fix WordPress 4.5 link issue in the page builder- Fix animations in heading block- Fix ul indent in the text block- Fix logo builder width issue after uploadV 2.2.8- WP srcset compatibility- Fixing gallery images not changing on hover- Fixing button text size issue- Fixing centering logo in headerbuilder- Fixing double payment methods showing on WooCommerece checkout page- Fixing ContentBuilder removing line breaks- Adding WPML config fileV 2.2.6-Update Revolution Slider plugin to 5.0.9-added mailto link to Contact Information block email field-fix missing advanced tools in TinyMCE used in content builderV 2.2.5-fixing selected posts 'portfolio only query' in post blockV 2.2.4-minor fixes and updates from deprecated WP functionsV 2.2.2 25/8/2015- WordPress Version 4.3 Compatibility issues fixes- Latest Revolution Slider UpdateV 2.1.0 19/5/2015-Fix Protected Password Pages was not working-Fix Theme Options Social Icons array position in saving-Fix Magazine Style Posts unbalanced tags-Enhanced Saving for Theme Options-Enhanced Importing/Exporting Blocks-Force Disable plugin Portfolio on theme Switch-Added Page Builder Revision History-Added Page Builder 'Labels for Blocks' -Added Adjustable Font Sizes for Buttons- Updated TGM PluginV 2.0.2 7/5/2015- Fixed Margin bottom in header top right and top left area- Fixed Header Builder Row array definition- Fixed Droid Kufi Font Issue on IE10 V 2.0.1 6/5/2015Minor FixesV 2.0 5/5/2015Fix row and column Background issueFix Background image for boxed LayoutFix Portfolio Plugin Wrong nameFix RTL Style for Blog Style 2Fix Announcement Block AnimationFix Change [Read More] Option in Theme OptionsFix Image Block responsive linkFix Inserting Ad Banner with no linkFix Adding Header Contact Information to the theme's Text DomainFix Multiple Twitter Blocks in the same pageFix Page Becomes Black after Dragging from the blocks part to the builder areaFix Footer Default Widgets widthFix Security Issue ?add_query_arg & remove_query_args?Added Header BuilderAdded Offers BlockAdded Link option to default imageAdded Background colour opacity option for columnAdded Background opacity for Video background columnAdded HTML support for Contact Information WidgetAdded Link to Archives' page attachmentsAdded Google Fonts to Page Builder's editorsAdded Target option to buttons block linksNew Demos (Home Page) : TravelV 1.6 24/9/2014------------------------ Magazine Style has been added- Image Shape Circle has been added- Changing the scroll bar style- No Animation Case in post block has been fixed- Minor CSS fixesV 1.5 10/9/2014------------------------ WordPress 4.0 Compatible - Uber Menu 3.0 Compatible- Counters Block added- Pricing tables block image added- Contact link option in the header added- fixed sticky responsive issue- fixed one page menu hoverV 1.4 31/8/2014------------------------1- Portfolio plugin updated 'User can change the base portfolio slug' 2- All Images now use WP API calls3- Make the code PHP 5.2 parse-able4- Fix issue in woocommerce  variation images in single product5- Fixing the export functionality in page builder6- Various CSS Fixes7- Fix Archives pageV 1.3.3 21/8/2014-----------------------1- handling css conflict with wpengine plugin2- fixing square posts , rtl and responsive 3- ios buttons click fixed4- fixing button Style5- removing slide fixed (theme options) 6- Team Member Back size fixedV 1.3.2 21/8/2014------------------------ One Click installation Performance improvedV 1.3.0 11/8/2014-----------------------1- fixed menu item selected highlight colors2- fixed one page scrolltop issue3- added hyperlink in the page builder4- added align justify in the page builder5- added background image for the circle image6- added multi menu feature to be added in any special pageV 1.2.2 31/7/2014--------------------1- Memory limit caused by builder saved blocks solved2- parallax JS issue fixed3- load text domain bug fixedV 1.2.1 30/7/2014--------------------- Fixed a bug in the js causing the blocks not to be rendered correctlyV 1.2.0 27/7/2014--------------------1- Added Video Background2- Text Slider Navigation Bug Fix3- Fade Right Animation bug fixed4- Fading Animation Content Builder bug fixed5- Added POT FileV 1.1.1: 23/7/2014-------------------------* Search Bug Fixed* Revolution Slider Updated* Added 6 home layouts to the Builder Templates* Boxed Layout bug fixedV 1.1: 21/7/2014-----------1- Added One page website possibility with nice scroll effect2- Added 1 Click Installation Demo3- Added Boxed Layout Feature4- Added ID Field to each block to make it easier for special style appliedFixed--------1- Styles2- Missing TranslationsV 1.0.1: 15/7/2014-----------1- Fixed Theme options rendering problem - changed file: style.php2- Updated Footer to be hidden if no widgets are there - changed file: footer.php