Monster Addons for Visual Composer

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Monster Addons for Visual Composer
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Contact us

Please check the documentation as we have lots of information there. The documentation file can be found inside the documentation folder which you will find when you unzip the downloaded zip file.

To Contact us, please register and open a ticket on our site.


Monster Addons for Visual Composer is a set of modules which works on top of Visual Composer and gives additional advanced functionalities. For Monster Addons to work you need to have Visual Composer installed and active in your site.


  • Preloader
  • Popup
  • Counter
  • Simple Color Background
  • Gradient Color Background
  • Image Background
  • Vertical Parallax Background
  • Horizontal Parallax Background
  • Panorama Background
  • Video Background
  • Fly Box
  • Scroller Buttons
  • Icon Module has 500+ Font Awesome Icons with Animation Effects
  • Advanced Google Map
  • Timeline
  • Icon Box


Version 1.4 on 21 November 2014- Bug Fix on Checking Condition for Show/Hide Read More Button in TimelineVersion 1.3 on 11 September 2014- Counter Box Module Added- Preloader CSS Animated Feature Added- Icon Box Module updatedVersion 1.2 on 09 September 2014- Icon Box Module AddedVersion 1.1 on 07 September 2014- Timeline Module Added- Panorama Background Added- Backend Screenshots AddedVersion 1.0 on 06 September 2014- Initial Release