TurnKey Real Estate and Car Dealership Responsive Material Design WordPress Theme

TurnKey Real Estate and Car Dealership Responsive Material Design WordPress Theme Created by BuchmannDesign. This templates have specific characteristics, namely: TurnKey has features such as High Resolution: Yes, Widget Ready: Yes, Compatible Browsers: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge, Compatible With: Visual Composer, Visual Composer 4.11.x, Software Version: WordPress 4.6.1, WordPress 4.6, WordPress 4.5.x, Columns: 3 .

You can use this TurnKey Real Estate and Car Dealership Responsive Material Design WordPress Theme on WordPress category for advanced search, automobile, car, car dealer, car sales, directory, inventory search, listing, loan calculator, real estate, realestate, realtor, realty, search, vehicle and another uses.

TurnKey Real Estate and Car Dealership Responsive Material Design WordPress Theme
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TurnKey Real Estate and Car Dealership

Two Themes in One

Switch between Real Estate mode and Car Dealership modes in Theme Options.

5 Premium plugins included (Over $100 value)

  • Visual Composer. Drag and drop page builder to easily create just about any layout. Use it to create content for the homepage, pages, posts, and listings. $34 value for free.
  • Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer. Adds even more page building components to the base Visual Composer. $19 value for free.
  • Slider Revolution. Advanced slider to replace built in theme slider if you choose. $19 value for free.
  • Easy Social Share. Awesome social networking and sharing buttons. $19 value for free.
  • Mobile.NAV. Mobile responsive menu bar. $12 value for free.

Key Features (For both Real Estate and Car Dealership mode)

  • Awesome “slide down” panel when you click on a listing block. This panel shows more detailed info for the listnig without loading a new page. From this panel you can go into the full listing detail page.
  • Images are optimized for mobile devices (phones). Server-side smarts will detect if you’re on a mobile phone, and will serve adequately smaller resolution images, and in some cases exclude images if extraneous. This makes for a more lightweight and faster mobile browsing experience. This is especially useful if your search page results is set to show many per page.
  • Ajax paginationstrong>. This means you click the “Load More” button to fetch the next page of results without reloading a new page. This is done without the use of a plugin. Note: Regular “Page 1,2,3” pagination, is also available as an option if you prefer.
  • Modern looks inspired by Google’s “Material Design” principles.
  • Left side panel
    • Defaults to only showing the ‘listings search’
    • Options to show other things like Widgets, text, and a vertical menu
    • Defaults to be always expanded. There is an option to slide out (hide) by default, and expand (show) on a click of a button.
    • On small screen sizes the left panel closes to be out of the way. Click an icon to slide it out.
    • Option to not show search in left panel. This will effectively not show a search on the site at all. Perfect for sites that have few listings and you don’t need the complexity of a search.
    • Option to have NO left side panel. Only use this if you don’t want the left panel and also don’t want the search. If you choose this option, then your logo will go into the top header area.
  • Major homepage sections (Any area can be shown or hidden. Make homepage as detailed or simple as you need.)
    • Slideshow
    • Latest Listings
    • Latest blog posts
    • Widgets
    • Image/logo carousel (Ideal for car manufacturer logos. Is less useful for a real estate site.)
    • Call to action blocks (can be just an image, or an image with title, text, button, etc. Mix and match to your needs.)
    • A section to add any text/html/shortcodes, etc. Your imagination is your limit. You can use Visual Composer plugin to help make advanced layouts and elements.
  • Multiple homepage slider types (slideshow)
    • Standard slider showing listing main photo, title and price
    • For Real Estate, optionally replace slider with a Google Map that shows all your listings
    • Simple slider. Each slide can be either…
      • JPG or PNG image
      • Youtube video
    • Custom list of post IDs. Can be IDs from ‘listing posts’, Slideshow posts, or a mix of both. Good choice if you need to mix slide types, and put them in your own order.
    • Revolution Slider (premium slideshow plugin included for free). Use this if you need something extra fancy and custom designed.
  • Many widgetized areas (all optional)
    • Widgetized main section on homepage
    • Footer widget area
    • Widgetized left and right columns (for pages that have a left and/or right column)
    • Widget area in left side panel.
  • Custom page templates
    • Search Results
    • All Listings
    • Sold Listings
    • Print Listing
    • Contact Us
    • Full width (no sidebars)
    • Left sidebar
    • Right sidebar
    • Left and right sidebar
  • Footer designs
    • Have it as complex or minimal as you need. It’s minimal by default and also in the demo.
    • The footer can hold up to 4 widgetized columns. Put whatever you like in each column.
    • Is the default 4 widgetized footer too basic for you? No problem… design your footer totally from scratch by utililzing the included Visual Composer plugin. Your imagination is your only limit.
  • RTL Support. RTL = “Right to Left”. (Like Arabic and some others) 1 exception is the left side panel, which must stay on the left side. The logo in the left panel moves from there to the top right of the menu bar. So in the left panel, the search (or whatever you have there) moves up to take the space of the logo.
  • Built on top of Bootstrap and Material Design Lite frameworks
  • Fully mobile responsive so your site will look good on all screen sizes and devices. The responsiveness framework is Bootstrap.
  • For headings, choose from a pre-populated list of hundreds of Google Fonts, in Theme Options.
  • PDF attachments. Attach files/documents (like PDFs) to each listing. Links will appear in a tab in the listing detail page.
  • Clean modern design based on “Material Design” principles.
  • Layouts: ‘Boxed’, ‘Full-Width’, and ‘Full-Width + stretched to browswer width’ modes (See Real Estate demo for full width example. See car dealer demo for boxed example.)
  • Google maps are themeable with SnazzyMaps support. Customize map colors to match your color scheme and brand. The default setting in Theme Options applies no theme.
  • Advanced search. Each search dropdown can shown or hidden
  • Compare listings. Check the boxes next to each search result and compare them all side by side. Maximum of 5.
  • Translation-ready (qtranxslate X plugin required) No difficult .po or .mo files necessary! Only thing NOT translation-ready the Loan Calculator text in Real Estate mode.
  • Most everything’s background colors (or background images) can be customized in Theme Options.
  • Mark a listing as ‘Sold’ and have the ability to filter out all Sold listings from all places in site.
  • Order search results page interactively
  • Enter custom text to replace the price. For example: “Call for Price”, or “As low as $250,000”. Text is set on a post-by-post basis.
  • Define unlimited types of banners, and apply one or more to each listing. (sold, pending, New!, etc.) Each banner can have custom text color and background color. For example you may want a Sold banner to have white text with red background.
  • Loan Calculator (can be removed in Theme Options). Can be shown or hidden in various parts of the site.
  • 100+ great shortcodes, using included Visual Composer and Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer plugins.
  • Compatible with previous BuchmannDesign themes. All your current listings will easily carry over to this theme, so you will not need to re-post them.
  • Live and always up to date documentation in the form of a Google Docs public document.
  • Top notch support via Themeforest comments, email, and support forum. (Forum is highly encouraged so others will benefit)
  • Key Features (Specific to Real Estate mode)

    • “Building -> Unit” support For example, you can have multiple apartment listings in a single building. See all units in that building.
    • Floorplans. Upload floorplan images and they show as thumbnails in the Floor Plans tab in the listing detail page.
    • Search by the following parameters: location, buy/rent, beds, baths, min price, max price, property type, commercial/residential, openhouse, year built, size, lot size, garage spaces, and MLS number. All of these can be included or excluded in the search form. So it can be as simple or detailed as you require.
    • Nearby Attractions. Optionally check off nearby attractions for each listing. The detail page will list them along with their location on a map.
    • Search results Google Map. Shows pins for the current pages results right on map. Click map to see info window with details and click to see full detail page. Optionally hide this map in Theme Options.
    • Map marker “clustering” Google map showing search results now has clustering when markers are in close proximity.
    • Google Map option in slideshow area. In the homepage slideshow area, you have the option to show all your listings on a Google Map. (This is an alternative to showing a slideshow/slider
    • Up to 3 agents per listing. Add Agents via the Agent ‘post type’. Agent page will display all Agents on a page. Click on an Agent to view that person’s full detail page.
    • Related listings section on detail page (related by Property Type)
    • Option to have a second level of location search. See demo for an example. Select a main location from the list and see an additional dropdown appear next to it.
    • Contact form on each listing page if there is no Agent assigned. If there are 1-3 Agents assigned then you can contact them specifically.

    Key Features (Specific to Car Dealership mode)

    • Search by the following parameters: manufacturer, model, min price, max price, condition, body type, model year, mileage, transmission, fuel type, and dealer location. All of these can be included or excluded in the search form. So it can be as simple or detailed as you require.
    • Related listings section on detail page (related by Body Type)
    • Option to have a “model” search dropdown appear when you choose a Manufacturer. See demo for an example.
    • Contact form on each listing page.
    • Sales Staff “Custom Post Type” and Page template. See demo for an example.